Andrea Agostini

Game programmer

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About Me

I am Andrea Agostini, a Game Programmer. I develop videogames for work and for fun. I have developed many videogames for various people. I started programming at the age of 14, when my interest for game development started. I have had a lot of mentors which I learnt from and made me who I am today.


Riccardo Cervelli

Systems analyst

- Computer maintenance - Take inventory

Daniele Serra


- Organize events - Promote human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed without discrimination based on sexual orientation. - Sale of material


ITIS Guglielmo Marconi

Sept 2011 - July 2017

Certification in computer technology

Grade: 65/100

TheSign Comics & Arts Academy

Nov 2018 - Present

Game programming



Syngenes (“parents” in greek ) is a game that talks about a genderless child that receive mistreatments by their own parents. Escape from a place where you’ve been hurted through puzzles and platforms to find a better home instead of the house that fate gave you.

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An abandoned castle, a perfect place for a ghost! But you are a skeptical guy, you don't believe in ghost, magic and other devilrly stuff, there were a good offer for this castle and you catch it. The first day was cool, the second was cold, the third was terryfing! All your stuff were trasformed into magical objects and destroyed by ghosts.

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A Back of Gold

A Back of Gold is a strategic party game where players decide and share movement rules. The goal is to steal coins from other players for points

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The blue lung

In this game you will be a whale, which will have to survive the pollution of the sea. Note: This game is based on scientific data.

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